Serving Opportunities

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Serving Opportunities

Volunteer teams are the heartbeat of our church. These action-oriented groups make things happen every single weekend. When you’re a part of a team, you play a vital role in creating environments where people can go from where they are to where God wants them to be. You’ll connect with a team leader who will care about you, pray for you, and “pastor” you. These are the primary volunteer areas:

Prayer team: This ministry takes out weekly to come together as a group and pray for the church's vision, the covering of the members, and the effectiveness for the city.

Worship team: This ministry is a group of individuals that come together in unity, love, and one sound to glorify God and set the church’s atmosphere into worship and praise.

Follow-up team: This ministry connects with first-time visitors by reaching out through email, letters, and text, and provides a way to fully commit members.

First touch team: This team incorporates the different types of guest services here at New Purpose. It includes Hospitality, greeters, ushers, purpose central, and the coffee bar. They all seek to connect with and create a good, God experience for, our guests.

  • Parking: This ministry is pleased to help our guests prepare for a good experience, by ensuring their vehicles are parked safely and retrieved easily.
  • Greeters: helps people have a good God experience by giving a warm welcome at New Purpose. Greeters primarily serve outside of the sanctuary.
  • Ushers: helps people have a good God experience by helping people find their seats, navigate the facility, and minimize distractions. Ushers primarily serve inside the sanctuary.
  • Hospitality: helps with answering questions, providing refreshments, and meeting the needs of the congregation.
  • Purpose central: helps people get connected by sharing with them about the different resources, teams, and events at New Purpose.
  • Coffee bar: helps not only serve coffee but welcomes our guests and regular attendees. This team creates a relaxed atmosphere where people can best hear from God.

If you are interested in helping out with keeping the church clean, teaching children, exploring with teens, or providing support through our care ministry, there is more opportunity for you! Let us know where you would like to provide your 'helping hands', fill out the form through "Contact us" and we will get back to you about your next steps!